Now that you've "fall-en" into a rhythm in your classroom and your students are "gobbling" up your content, NETA wants to see how you integrate CS into your classroom! Computer Science is such a huge part of what educators do to prepare students for the future. Strut your stuff and hand "pick" your best CS lesson to share with NETA!
- Use this template to write out your computer science lesson plan: https://bit.ly/NETA23falltemplate
- Record a flip video: 1. Tell about your lesson 2. Why is CS important? 3. Why should every student learn computer science? https://flip.com/0c2dbc35
- All submissions must integrate computer science concepts and pedagogy
- All submissions must have an element of technology or technology integration.
- All submissions must be free of identifying student information (names, etc.)
- All submissions will be judged based on the following rubric: https://bit.ly/NETA23fallrubric
- Submission deadline is 11:59pm on Monday, November 27th
- The contest winners' lessons will be shared on the @YourNETA social accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). The school and/or teacher will be tagged in all posts.
- Winning teachers/lessons will be featured on our NETAGo Podcast, 
- Winning teachers will receive a $500 grant towards CS Materials
- Contest Winners will be announced during CS week (first week of December)